Latvietis Var Visu! Aļona Ostapenko

Latvian tennis player Alona Ostapenko - winner of the 2017 French Open tournament, congratulates all students with the new school year!
“Never forget about the education!’’


Latvietis Var Visu! Baiba Braže

Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy of NATO Baiba Braže congratulates with September 1 and shares thoughts about education:
- September 1 is the moment, when we need to think about our goals for our growth and self-improvement.
- Today's education is lifelong learning.
- It is important not only to acquire knowledge and skills by yourself but also to be able to share them with the community.


Latvietis Var Visu! Egils Levits

The Latvian Institute congratulates pupils and students on the beginning of the new 2020./2021. school year!
Education and inspiration campaign “Latvians can do everything!” is a greeting to all of the pupils, students and adults, who continue to learn. Latvia is a country, where historically education has been highly valued, and we have to maintain it as a characterising quality of our society. We are proud of the personalities, who have carried Latvia’s name into the world. The key to success is high quality education and the willlingness to learn throughout the life!
“Modern era calls for learning something new every day,” about the necessity to learn and adapt to the ever-changing nature of today’s world, says the President of Latvia Egils Levits. May Latvia blossom and bloom!


Latvietis Var Visu! Toms Torims

RTU - Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte
professor and
Cern, Geneve, Switzerland
scientific contributor Toms Torims shares his acknowledgments about education:
- In Latvia there are plenty of chances for learning, as well as learning how to do it with joy and get joy from it!
- Learning is a path. Although ever-changing and diverse, it gives a lot of opportunities. You just have to recognize and use them!
- Knowledge is like money and learning path is a contribution to yourself!
- Anything you learn can be useful, often at the most unexpected time and place!


Latvietis Var Visu!

The cornerstone of being forever young is learning your whole life!
We live in time of opportunites, when high quality education lays the greatest foundation for any future profession You choose.