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This year marks the 400th anniversary of northern Latvia joining Sweden for a century, a period remembered for prosperity and progress. Today, an intrepid Swede who has settled in Latvia is on a mission to explore the military heritage of that era.
Philip Birzulis, 16.03.2021
With temperatures this winter dropping below minus 20 degrees, you might think Latvians have all been snuggling in bed with a steaming mug of tea. But a growing band have embraced the season by plunging into freezing water.
Philip Birzulis, 23.02.2021
While we would all like to follow the advice of the classic pick-me-up tune “Don’t worry – be happy,” that’s often easier said than done. But one Latvian has worked out a system for putting smiles on our faces.
Philip Birzulis, 16.02.2021
Angkor Wat, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China and… Kuldīga? The beautiful western Latvian town is seeking to join these icons on the world’s most prestigious preservation list. And this is a tribute to the passionate efforts of its people to preserve their cultural heritage.
Philip Birzulis, 09.02.2021
With its spectacular views, leafy walking trails and storybook castles, Sigulda has been sweeping lovers off their feet for generations. One local artist has turned the region’s romantic legends into an artform and is finding deeper meaning through them for our troubled times.
Philip Birzulis, 26.01.2021
For many Latvians, the house in the country is the ultimate battery recharger, where long summer days are spent tending the tomatoes and splashing in the pond. Few do it with more style than Dita Balčus and her daughters, who have turned an old aristocratic pile into a hotel and cultural hotspot.
Philip Birzulis, 20.01.2021
The Covid 19 crisis is more than just a medical issue, as many people face poverty and hunger in the economic downturn. Fortunately, one young Latvian is organising his peers to help those most in need.
Philip Birzulis, 12.01.2021