This June, a group of young scholars and editor Žaneta Ozoliņa (The University of Latvia) presented a study on Russian-speaking community in Latvia, focusing on the arguments forming their affiliation with the Latvian state, society and other communities. The study presented in this book is more of a snapshot, revealing the diversity of the Russian-speaking community in Latvia in the second half of 2015 – after the begining of the war in Ukraine, rather than a recipe book for politicians on societal integration.

The study focuses on social resilience of the Russian-speakers, covering areas like economy, NGOs and their role in the society development processes, role of social networks, education, culture and religion, as well as the analysis of the situation of the diaspora of the Russian-speakers. In conclusion, the researchers offer a case study of the Russian-speaking community in Jelgava.

Full text of the book is available here.

Latvian Institute, 20.06.2016, Society