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The first meeting of transportation ministers from the Central and Eastern European countries (CEEC) and China (the 16+1 format) and a business conference were held in Rīga May 16-17. Guidelines on closer co-operation in logistics (the “Rīga Guidelines”) were adopted at the event so as to foster a more integrated development of transport corridors between Europe and Asia.

The ministerial meeting was chaired by the Latvian Minister of Transport Uldis Augulis. He and ministers, and other heads of delegations discussed effective ways of developing the Eurasian supply chain, as well as opportunities to strengthen co-operation in the fields of transportation and logistics.

“I am pleased that today we have adopted the Rīga Guidelines,” said Minister Augulis. “This step will foster a more effective development of the Eurasian supply chain. During the meeting, ministers discussed their vision about the development of transport connections between Europe and Asia, highlighting the importance of connectivity between both regions, thus directly contributing toward economic prosperity and sustainable development. I am sure that this first meeting of transport ministers and the business conference will prove to have been a real success and a serious platform for the strengthening of international co-operation in the field of transport and logistics, thus making it possible for industries and businesses to present themselves and the values they support, also strengthening relationship with existing partners and attracting new ones.”

The “Rīga Guidelines” will strengthen co-operation between China and the CEEC in the area of transport and logistics, the aim being to develop and improve integrated transport corridors between the two regions and to promote smooth and sustainable cargo flows. The guidelines are also aimed at expanding the development of container train routes between China and Europe, recognising the market potential of environmentally friendly rail transport and strengthening the competitiveness of the so-called Silk Road land routes.

The 16+1 format involving China and the CEEC is also aimed at fostering closer co-operation in a variety of fields, including logistics and transport.

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Source: Ministry of Transport