A new technology that can control a city’s infrastructure is currently being tested in Rīga, and hopefully that will make it possible to turn the Latvian capital city into one of the smartest cities in Europe. This announcement was made by the Latvian telecoms company Lattelecom during the Digital Freedom Festival. That is a global technology, policy, start-up and lifestyle festival that gathers together more than 1,000 new technology and start-up entrepreneurs, policymakers, investors, experts, journalists and students from all over the world in Rīga, and this year it ran from November 27-29.

The new technology is wireless and has been specifically adapted to the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), thus making it possible for the city’s infrastructure to be controlled remotely and automatically. “This means that all of the devices will be connected in a single network, which means that there will be no need to manually read water meters, look for damages in pipeline systems, control city lights, leave them on even when streets are empty, or remove trash from containers before they are full,” explains Lattelecom’s chief corporate development officer, Kerli Gabriloviča. The IoT technology is currently being tested in Rīga and other cities in the country.


Source: based on information from "Labs of Latvia"
30.11.2016, Start-up, Economy, Business