Latvian President Andris Bērziņš believes that Latvia's EU Presidency will be remembered as a time when Latvia helped ensure stability in Europe during a very changeable and complicated period. The president points out that the positive and negative aspects of Latvia's Presidency can be evaluated when the Presidency period concludes later this month.

''However, we can already say that Latvia did a very good job,'' Bērziņš said, adding that these last six months have also been very hard on government ministers.

He said that the overall situation was not an easy one the past six months, but that the Latvian Presidency will be remembered as one which ensured stability in this very changeable and complicated period.

As reported, Latvia took over the rotating six-month EU Presidency period in January. Luxembourg will takeover from Latvia in July.


Photo: True Vision
Latvian Institute, 25.06.2015, Politics, EU