The winner of the 2015 Global Startup Battle – Tactile Eyesight, continues its cooperation with Mass Portal Ltd. in the creation of tactile books. In these tactile books, one side of the page is in Braille, but next to it – a tactile printing of a 3D illustration, which allows the visually impaired to get a better understanding of what is being said in the book through feeling.

The creation of such book is a complicated and time consuming process, which is usually done by hand. However, the 3D printing of such books makes this process considerably easier. The startup hopes that the precision of the 3D printer, coupled with the creativity of the 3D designer, will help to fully convey the wonderful images behind the words of children’s literature.

A Braille typeface with full support of Latvian language has already been made within this project. Its author Aigars Vilcāns has chosen to make it open access for everyone.

View the video about the tactile books here.

Source: Labs of Latvia
12.04.2016, Innovation, Economy, Start-up