Well-known for its magnificent coins, Latvijas Banka, the central bank of Latvia, has issued a colourful 5 euro silver collector coin dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the prominent Latvian painter Janis Rozentāls (1866–1916). This unique coin depicts his popular painting "The Princess and the Monkey" – a lavishly dressed young woman and a monkey hanging on to her string of beads, outlined on an ornamental background. The obverse of the coin imitates the back of the painting divided into four fields and bears a facsimile signature of Janis Rozentāls and the seal of the Latvian National Museum of Art.

The collector coin "Janis Rozentāls" is legal tender in the Republic of Latvia, yet the release of such coins in circulation is highly unlikely, as they are in fact works of art and are in special demand among coin collectors and other interested parties. The maximum mintage of the coin is 7 000.

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Source: based on information from Latvijas Banka
30.11.2016, People, Culture, Economy