The Latvian team has won the first place in the International Snow Sculpture Contest 2016 held in Sapporo, Japan for their sculpture The Bridge.

The Latvian team consisted of sculptor Karlis Ile, artist Maija Puncule and culture manager Mintauts Buskevics. They were invited due to their superb performance in other festivals. 

This was the first time that the Latvian artists were invited to the festival, taking place from February 4 to 8 and estimated to have been visited by more than two million people this year. The terrific trio won the competition of 12 international teams.

The description of the artwork from festival website reads: "This is a bridge between two different worlds. Each of them looks like independent and complete unit. But actually, they are just two halves of something absolute and more wonderful. Only together they can be!"


photos by MFA of Latvia
Latvian Public Broadcasting English-language service, 10.02.2016, Art, Sports, People