Latvian start-up "Tactile Eyesight" has won in the largest start-up competition in the world - "Global Startup Battle 2015". Out of 25000 participants from 60 countries, "Tactile Eyesight's" idea was recognized as the best one in the Great in the Making category.

"Tactile Eyesight" is striving to provide easy and affordable way to support visually impaired people around the world, by offering them easy access to 3D digital tactile layouts. In a way, this is a ground-breaking and innovative idea as it provides visually impaired people with a comprehensive view of the world, something which up until now they were able to perceive only partly. Although braille displays and audio guides are available, "Tactile Eyesight" hopes to introduce 3D layouts to the mix to allow people to touch and visualize the described object not just read about it.

Mareks Matisons, one of the founders of "Tactile Eyesight", says that there are over 285 million people with some form of visual impairment in the world. "Our aim is mass production to make tactile books easily accessible to everyone". As winners, Mareks and the rest of his team will now be able to meet mentors and professionals in the field as well as access services that will be helpful in developing their idea further. Still, the most important benefit of winning the contest is recognition which may help to attract the attention of potential investors.

To learn more about the work of "Tactile Eyesight" and their future vision, watch this video:



Photo by "Tactile Eyesight"
Latvian Institute, 15.12.2015, Business, Innovation, Start-up, People