When drafting the state budget for the next year, efficient use of budgetary funds must be ensured so that necessary reforms in public administration would be continued, according to President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis.

“Decisions on the distribution of funding among the sectors should be based on a clear justification of how the allocated funds will be spent and how the public will benefit therefrom. Usefulness of budgetary baseline spending should be carefully reviewed, because that is the only way how confidence can be built among the public in an efficient public administration in the long run,” said the President of Latvia.
Raimonds Vējonis stressed that successful cooperation between the government and its social partners was important while reforming public administration. “During negotiations between the government, business organizations and trade unions, they must agree on tangible measures,” the President of Latvia stated.
Raimonds Vējonis emphasized the need for further reforming in healthcare and the education sector. Internal security measures should be constantly improved, and the eastern border of the country should also be strengthened. Ensuring stability and predictability of the taxation system is vital for successful business development. Global competitiveness of the country should be increased, and continued support for scientific progress of Latvia is one of the key aspects in these efforts. It is important not to deviate from the pre-set long-term objectives, including a gradual increase of national defence spending so that it would reach 2% of GDP in 2018.

Source: Chancery of the President
12.08.2016, Politics