BLINDSAVE USA LLC has created a unique product for athletes – the world’s first protective gear that adjusts itself to conform to the person’s body, thus ensuring superior protection and comfort. The gear is suited for use in basketball and other indoor sports, as well as football. A new start-up, BLINDSAVE has already created prototypes for protective shorts and shirts, but in order to finish product development and begin mass production, the company launched a Kickstarter campaign on October 18, 2016.

The unique gear is made from patent-pending elastic foam technology that has innovative shock absorption and body adjusting features. The padding begins to adjust its shape right after coming into contact with the player’s body, achieving its highest level of functionality at a temperature of 97.7-98.6º F (36.37º C).

The padding is light and ergonomic and moulds itself onto the player’s body. This means that users can perform freely, experiencing the sport as if they were not wearing any padding at all. BLINDSAVE products are of premium quality and designed to perform perfectly on the human body.

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Source: Blindsave
19.10.2016, Start-up, Sports