The street art festival “Blank Canvas: Art-ground, play-ground, crime-ground” will run from the 13th to the 17th of May as part of the “Riga 2014” programme. The main aim of the festival is to launch a discussion within society and among professionals about the role of street art in the urban environment.

In Europe and elsewhere in the world, quality street art is now less associated with criminal activity and the destruction of property these days, gradually becoming an influential part of the art market and a mirror of society. The objective of the organisers of the festival is to educate society about street art, present notable examples of other European cities where street art has become an integral part of the urban environment, creating entire art districts where street art not only attracts tourists but also gives impetus to the development of an art genre that has so far been truly appreciated by only a small part of society.

The festival presents an opportunity for all to learn more about the diversity of street art. The festival will include lectures by several international artists and theoreticians, a roundtable discussion and workshops where every visitor will be given a chance to participate in the creation of legal art objects in the Riga urban environment under the supervision of professional street artists. These events will lend the festival a theoretical aspect, creating a deeper understanding of the reasons behind street art, and the process and aesthetic values of street art.

The festival will feature lectures on street art by street art theoretician Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, urbanist and urban development researcher Evelīna Ozola and Gdansk Street Art Quarter representative Barbara Sroka.

Photo: Publicity
Riga 2014, 13.05.2014, Art