To mark Latvia’s Centenary and tell the story of Latvia’s past, present, and future, we invite foreign journalists to participate in the Centenary Media Programme organized by the Latvian Institute. We organize trips for journalists to Latvia’s regions, to discover the true spirit of this country through stories of local people, cultural events and historic locations, to take a glimpse into the lifestyle choices of the young and creative professionals, and to feel the vibe of the business start-up communities and social initiatives. 

Kurzeme - Duchy of fishermen, hipsters and intellectuals 

Liepaja beach at sunset. Liepāja Tourism Information centre photo.
Kurzeme, the western part of Latvia, is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Riga. The fishermen villages along the coast have become leisure bases for kite-boarding enthusiasts and creative professionals from bigger cities, seeking wilderness and serenity. New hipster communities emerge in coastal towns bringing new life-style choices to the traditional local culture and creating new identities. You will have a chance to visit largest towns of the region and participate in cultural activities, meet local entrepreneurs with high export potential, as well as visit local science and business education centres. 

Rīga-Gauja European Region of Gastronomy 2017 

The cuisine of Latvia mirrors its history – culinary influences of the German, Swedish, Polish and Russian gastronomy traditions can be savoured in many classic Latvian dishes today. The programme offers gastronomic experiences in the towns of Cēsis, Sigulda, and the capital Rīga, revival of beer brewing in small local breweries, as well as cultural adventures by following the footsteps of Reformation 500 across the region. The new Cēsis Concert Hall, the medieval Turaida castle, the Wall of Books at the National Library or the newly renovated Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga are just a few stops on the way.

Latgale - Europe’s borderland 

Latgale, the ethno-cultural region in the eastern part of Latvia, is a magnet to those seeking unspoilt nature and authenticity of the local spirit. The mix of ethnic, religious, cultural identities makes Latgale a distinct and unique region, a borderland between Europe and Russia. Recent investments in cultural infrastructure (the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, the Gors multi-functional concert hall in Rēzekne) in the past few years have made Latgale an appealing destination for culture lovers from all over the world. In the framework of the Centenary Media Programme, we offer insight into the cultural life of the Latgalians (from traditional to contemporary), visits to locations of historic importance and natural beauty, meetings with young professionals from innovative start-up communities and enthusiasts committed to keeping the centuries-old local traditions alive. 

If you wish to pay a visit to Latvia as a media representative, please contact us at To apply for media trips, please fill in the online application form.