Latvia is one of the Europe’s entrepreneurial hotspots, ranking third after Estonia and Sweden. In terms of total early entrepreneurial activity in Europe it is the first, according to World Economic Forum.

Two young startup community leaders from Latvia are included in Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe 2017 list: Alise Semjonova ( and Sabīne Pole (Sorry as Service).

Europe's leading startup magazine the Hundert in 2016 listed the most interesting European startups established by women and three Latvians were included.

An important stimulus is the new startup law, including a special tax regime.

More and more international startup events are happening in Latvia, for example:
         Digital Freedom Festival

The total amount of investments in start-ups in Latvia (since ~2010) is €148M, 76% from foreign investors and 24% from local investors. 2/3 of total funding was attracted by Fintech start-ups, and 40 investments were over €1M per company.