A favorite party question of mine to foreigners is: "What do you think is the most popular flavor of potato chip in Latvia?"

There will be a wide selection of answers, mainly based upon preconceptions of Eastern Europe in general: "Pork sausage?", "Sour cream?", "Cabbage?"

The answer, of course, is "Dill".


Yes, dill. The kids love dill. Everyone loves dill.

Indeed if you drop the words "of potato chip" from the question above it still works, because pretty much everything tastes of dill.

If you come from France, Spain or Italy, you will no doubt approve of this stringy herb as a flavoring for seafood dishes. If you are Scandinavian, gravadlax salmon makes marvellous use of dill. However, the thought of dill sprinkled over a pork chop, chopped and carpet-bombed into a salad or mixed in with a meat sauce will probably cause you to experience stomach spasms.

Latvians have stronger constitutions and an innate belief that there is no dish that cannot be enhanced by the liberal application of dill.

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Mike Collier, eng.lsm.lv chief editor, 24.08.2017