The Curonians (Kurši) was one of the ancient Baltic tribes which formed the Latvian and Lithuanian nations. From the 5th to 16th centuries, they inhabited Curland, the Western part of today’s Latvia, and the Northwestern parts of what is now Lithuania, and were known as ruthless warriors and traders.

The story of the Curonians – their habits, beliefs, sources of strength, ways of living and dying – is told in a gripping documentary, where staged scenes, interviews with historians, maps and 3D animation reconstruct historic events. This brave and militant tribe caused fright in its Scandinavian neighbours across the Baltic Sea, and was among the last pagan tribes of Europe to convert to Christianity, holding on to its beliefs and practicing ancient rituals until the 19th century.

The documentary has won the national film prize, Lielais Kristaps, in 2015.

Watch the film (Language: Latvian; Subtitles: English. Total length: 26:20)

Directors: Raitis Ābele / Lauris Ābele (Tritone Studio) | Camera : Mārcis Ābele, Jānis Indriks | Visual Artist: Aigars Gercāns