"The United States has full confidence that the Government of Latvia will take the necessary steps to uphold the integrity of its banking and financial sector. For many years, we have been working together with Latvia to combat corruption, money laundering, and other threats to international security. Moving forward, the United States supports and will continue to help the Government of Latvia, the Latvian Financial Capital and Markets Commission, and Latvian law enforcement to realize our shared vision of a strong and well-regulated Latvian financial sector," in a very brief press statement the United States Department of State announced on February 20.

The announcement comes a day before the Deputy Secretary of the State Department John J. Sullivan is due to visit Latvia for meetings with senior figures, and amidst a scandal in the Latvian banking sector, as the head of the Latvian Central Bank Ilmārs Rimšēvičs is accused of accepting or soliciting a bribe, and one of Latvia's banks - ABLV - is suspected by the U.S. Treasury of institutionalized money laundering.

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