The Jog Latvia in the World (#izskrienLatviju) initiative is still up and running: two new teams have jogged the contour of Latvia in Ottawa, Canada last Sunday. The route in Ottawa joins other routes in Hague, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Oslo, Paris, Seoul, Reykjavik, London, Dublin, Chicago, etc., and also in several cities of Latvia.

To make the initiative even grander, the organisers invite every Latvian and every friend of Latvia to take part in this patriotic sport on one certain date: 5th of May, 2018.

“Since we started this initiative in spring 2017 it has been very exciting to see the responsiveness of people towards this idea. Each contour of Latvia jogged and shared tells a story about our country and people, increasing the recognition and awareness of Latvia in a very democratic, human and healthy way. I sincerely thank each and every patriot of Latvia about the activity and responsiveness, and I am sure – on 5th of May, 2018, there will be many more contours of Latvia created and jogged by jovial, patriotic people thus giving our Latvia a healthy birthday gift,” says Aiva Rozenberga, the director of the Latvian Institute.

In preparation for Latvia’s centenary, the Latvian Institute has joined together with the VSK Noskrien runner society to invite every Latvian and every friend of Latvia to take part in a patriotic sport: jog Latvia in the world!

You can jog, you can walk, you can ride a bike or even swim. Just mark out your route on your favourite sports app and use the hashtag #izskrienLatviju. Use one of our premade routes, which resemble Latvia’s contours, or put together your own one. Share it with friends, family members and neighbours. Let’s all jog Latvia in the world together! Find the premade routes here.

In 2018, Latvia will celebrate 100 years since it became an independent nation. With festivities at home and all around the world, Latvia100 is presenting the best in culture, lifestyle and innovation.