From March 14 to March 16, Latvia will be attending the London Book Fair with Lithuania and Estonia, with the countries' ambassadors in attendance, the Latvian Literature organisation told the press. 

To honour the occasion, Latvia has created the #iamintrovert campaign, casting Latvia as a nation of introverts. Publicity campaign director Una Rozenbauma says it was made to emphasise the rich inner worlds of Latvian authors that allow them to write great books.

"Latvians can feel deeply confused when kissed on both cheeks. Or when suddenly talked to on public transport. Should you compliment a Latvian, they will turn red-white-red," she said. "Latvia is one of the world's most introvert nations. And so are our writers, of course. And we are proud of it. We allow our books speak for us, since literature is the perfect world for introverts," Rozenbauma said.

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