In preparation for Latvia’s centenary, the Latvian Institute is joining together with the VSK Noskrien runner society to invite every Latvian and every friend of Latvia to take part in a patriotic sport:  jog Latvia in the world!

You can jog, you can walk, you can ride a bike or even swim.  Just mark out your route on your favourite sports app and use the hashtag #izskrienLatviju.  Use one of our premade routes, which resemble Latvia’s contours, or put together your own one.  Share it with friends, family members and neighbours.  Let’s all jog Latvia in the world together!

In 2018, Latvia will celebrate 100 years since it became an independent nation.  With festivities at home and all around the world, Latvia100 is presenting the best in culture, lifestyle and innovation. 

Premade routes:

Latvia in Dublin:

Latvia in Hague:

Latvia in Paris:

Latvia in Chicago, 10,35km:

Latvia in Chicago, 10,35km:

Latvia in Boston:

Latvia in Lexington, MA:

Latvia in London:

Latvia in Seoul:

Latvia in Brussels:

Latvia in Stockholm:

Latvia in Denver:

Latvia in Frankfurt, 8,05km:

Latvia in Frankfurt, 8,06km:

Latvia in Cape Town: or

Latvia in Oslo:

Latvia in Washington:

Latvia in Bitola:

Latvia in Tashkent:

Latvia in Tbilisi:

Latvia in Reikyavik, 9,42km:

Latvia in Reikyavik, 10,61km:

And a teeny tiny experimental Latvia in Tartu:

For the local enthusiasts:
Latvia in Riga, 30km:
Latvia in Riga, 27,6km:

Latvia in Riga, 3,10km:

Latvia in Riga, 2,9km:

Latvia in Kuldīga: